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The State of the World -- April 2019

EMP threat grid down collapse economic article reading on trump executive order
Hurricanes and flooding are localized and earthquakes don't last.  If the electricity grid is destroyed, however, go ahead and dye your mohawk pink, put on your leather studded jacket, and get the war wagon running -- because all hell will break loose in about 30 days.

It's not just me, or some guy in his mom's basement posting on Reddit saying this.

No, the "experts" now agree, and more importantly, are going public with the truth that should the U.S. (or first world in general) experience a prolonged power grid down scenario it would be a catastrophic event.  We are talking about a 90% die off rate within 1 year's time.

Whether or not President Trump's attempt to force action on hardening our fragile electrical grids will bear fruit remains to be seen, but at least the EMP threat is being given serious attention.  Hopefully he's serious and we're not too late.

The point of this article is the "State of the World in 2019" so there's no time to educate the reader on all the ins and outs of grid down collapse, but here are some reading materials for you to consider, then we'll move on to the next topic:

Why President Trump's Executive Order on EMP Preparedness is Huge

Grid Down Collapse, Article by Omega Survival

2014 Infragard PDF Expose on What EMP Would Look Like in the USA

Economic uncertainty is abounding.

If you want to get a good idea of what severe economic downturn looks like in a modernized society, look no further than Venezuela.  I've been writing and talking about those poor people for two years and just now we are seeing the full force of what a failing infrastructure/government can do to a populace.

Venezuela, once a top 10 world economy, is in full on economic free fall and has been double whammied recently with a grid down situation.  It can happen here, folks, don't kid yourself.  We are not a special case.

Check out this short video for a reality check on the economic situation here in the United States, then go on a fact finding mission for yourself:

Flooding in the Midwest, United States.

It's the biggest unreported story of 2019 so far.  Why is that?  Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, etc., are always over reported, but devastating midwest flooding is never talked about in the media.  That aside, not one mainstream outlet is discussing the long-reaching ramifications of millions of acres of cropland for corn, beans, beef and poultry have been rendered useless, most likely, for 2019 planting.

1 million calves have been lost -- dead.  At least that many.  The price of beef will be effected by this for sure.  Bread, corn, all of it will be going up in price.  Availability might even be a problem.  You can read about this here.

We are big proponents of the grand solar minimum here at Omega.  If this theory is correct, we are just now starting to see the effect of a colder sun.  Our star, 100%, is the biggest driver of the environment here on Earth.  Do some research on the grand solar minimum and see what you think.  The midwest flooding is a big hit as an indicator of the solar minimum actually happening right now...

Check out Adapt2030 Youtube channel here.

Geez.  I'm already depressed about 2019.  Not sure I want to write any more right now.  Isn't this enough??  I haven't even gotten into the geo-political issues right now with the Middle East just NEVER cooling off.  Rockets landing in Israel, Israelis talking about rebuilding the temple, Russia and China engaging all over the world from Eastern Africa to Venezuela...they're forcing vaccines on people in New York state and red flag seizing firearms all over the country.

You can read all about it if you look for it.  Be ready.  God bless.

Omega stands ready to help you prepare.