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Tips on the Survival and Preparedness Lifestyle

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Tip # 1
Lay off your wife, husband, and/or family members. WE may see the writing on the wall politically, socially, economically, etc., but odds are your significant other(s) do not. Right? We try and try to convince them that preparing for the worst is the smart (and only) thing to do to protect ourselves, increase comfort, and just continue living in the face of a disaster. However, I have read personal stories of many people who have ended their marriages and relationships over “prepping” because other person(s) will not accept as valid the mindset of the preparedness-minded individual. It’s not worth it. Do your preparedness activities in silence. Like the squirrel storing nuts for winter. Keep working. Add a soft word here and there. Point out a news story here and there. It will all come around in the end.

Tip # 2
Concentrate first on the most likely scenarios. Here in Ohio what are the dangers? Snow emergencies, power outages, tornadoes, maybe some flooding concerns. The funny thing is that the equipment and knowledge for these “believable” events is largely the same as for the more “MadMax” scenarios many of us worry about:

  • Water. Have a way to filter water. Or boil it effectively and easily with no power.
  • Food. Have some. Grow some. Have ways to get more without a store.
  • Shelter. Most of us have a home. What about heat in the winter?
  • Electricity. Do you have a way to charge your cell phone with no power?
  • Communicate. Do you have a radio? Fresh batteries? Crank power?
  • Defense. Is your home secure? Can you defend your home from criminals?
  • Away from home. What is in your car RIGHT NOW? Water? Blankets? Food?

Many of these problems can be solved, or at least mitigated, with a quick search of your house or an inexpensive trip to one of many stores. When you need to get more in depth, when you need to solve a specific problem, when you know WE are the only place to go -- come in.

Tip # 3
Always be learning, evaluating, and studying.
There are many great sources for information.

Click Here for our "Choose a Disaster" page -- lots of articles to choose from. . .start researching!

There are many great topics to study -- not all of these topics or sources are outwardly preparedness-oriented, like solar energy, or renewable water management, etc.. The preparedness mindset is one of knowledge, but also one of innovation and imagination. You will find that there are many things you can do to prepare for a change in lifestyle or society which cost little to nothing out of pocket. There are many great videos on YouTube which show what others are doing, plus many websites which do the same with the written word. Keep learning, expand your horizons.

Also, you may want to view our Resources page for topics like HAM radio.