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Wild Edibles in Your Backyard

Wild Edibles in Your Backyard
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Cost:  $30.oo

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There's a delicious salad in your backyard, just waiting for you to pick, wash, and eat.  All you need to know is which plants are edible. This class focuses on which plants and parts can be eaten, so check out our Medicinal Ohio Plants class if you're more interested in that aspect.

Instructor Annette Davis, who also teaches a canning and food preservation course at Omega, also graces us for this edibles workshop -- she's an all-around planting-to-harvest guru.

"Wild Edibles in Your Backyard" will give students a detailed rundown of many common native Ohio plants that are nutritious, edible and widely available.  We will focus heavily on plant identification, safety, foraging, and uses in food preparation.

MANY actual plant specimens (gathered here in Dayton, Ohio) will be presented and studied in class to assist students with identification and getting to know the plants in a hands-on manner.  The shop ends up looking like a jungle for Annette's class...she really spoils us with the specimens!

Depending on availability/seasonality, the plants discussed may include:  Wild asparagus    Autumn olive berries   Burdock root   Salsify    Sassafras   Hackberry   Linden (basswood)   Black walnut, hickorynut, chestnut   Acorns   Thistles   Milkweed   Dandelion   Black cherry   Cattail   Lamb's quarters    Pigweed/ amaranth   Wild grapes   Hosta   Sheep sorrel   Hazelnut   Wild carrot   Elderberry   Garlic mustard   Ox eye daisy   Chicory   Ground cherry   Wild raspberry   Purslane    Violets   Mallow.

Book recommendations and a few recipes will also be provided!  Click above to sign up today.