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YouTube Guide for the Emergency Preparedness Minded

YouTube is a great resource for learning about all things emergency preparedness related. It can take some time, however, to discover which channels have viable, good information and which channels are spouting off with less-than-adequate experiences or thoughts.

I make it a point in my videos and writings to not claim "expert" status.  In my humble opinion, I find the channels listed below to be of value.  To my knowledge, none of them claim to be experts either -- and I like that.  You must determine for yourself whether or not information is relevant and/or good.  I urge you to not take as Gospel anyone's word.

The above statements aside, I like these channels a lot.  I hope they help you.

Gerald Celente runs the renowned "Trends Journal" in which the financial markets, as well as geo-political scene is dissected and gleaned for insight into the future.  Mr Celente is a strong American patriot, possibly with a little attitude, who brings awesome news and opinion into focus not only for those looking for financial gain, but for those trying to keep their ear to the ground with regards to relevant world information.

Mark Goodwin operates The Prepper Recon channel. Mark has penned numerous books, which I highly recommend if you like "prepper fiction" -- "Days of Elijah: Apocalypse" is an awesome book Mark wrote, which I've just finished.  On this channel, Mark talks about prepping basics and interviews many of the prepping world's big hitters for fantastic information and great listening enjoyment.

Suspicious0bservers channel focuses on space weather, Earth weather and geological information.  The fellow who runs this channel used to be a Columbus guy (although I get the impression he's moved), but I've been following him for years now.  Very interesting and high-quality assessments and observational reporting of the sun, Earth's magnetosphere, and earthquakes/tsunamis, plus a lot more.

Southern Prepper 1 is another "old-timer" who practices what he preaches.  Former military, SP1 brings a lot of real world experience to YT.  He's always got his hands dirty with a project on his property -- there's a big difference between talking about stuff and actually doing it....SP1 does it and his videos reflect this;  from raising chickens, to defensive perimiters, to thought experiments, SP1 is appreciated.

BPEarthWatch has a strong emphasis on outer space and the dangers which it can cause for us.  BP also pays close attention to the news cycle and provides a lot of heads up information you won't get from main stream media.  Weather, politics, any relevant happening is in play for BP's channel, but he does tend towards space.  Another great channel to consider adding to your regular watching.

Here's my favorite super-smart-engineery-type of prepper.  Scott, known to YouTube as Engineer775, may also be recognized by some as the owner of Practical Preppers which was used by the television show "Doomsday Preppers" to evaluate and judge the preparations of the "contestants" on the show.  Learn how to get off-grid, heating water with woodfire, making wood gasification devices...just go there and watch.

If you're looking for commentary on monetary policy, a lot of "what if" scenario/thinking exercises, plus general tips and philosophy on preparedness.  NOTE:  If you're offended by strong language and/or are sensitive about certain topics, you may take issue with The Prepared Mind. . .I am not, so I enjoy his commentary and thoughts.  I believe he is also former military with experience that is useful.  An interesting fellow.

Greg Hunter of USAwatchdog, is a former investigative journalist who has kept his journalistic integrity by covering all aspects of the financial world.  This channel does focus on finances and the markets, but often Greg and his guests will venture into the political realm and touch on topics that interest us as preppers.  Personally, a financial collapse is one of the biggest reasons I prep, so I like to keep my eye on the market and Greg is great about helping me do that.

If you're more into the homesteading side of preparedness, Wranglerstar is a fantastic channel.  Since there is so much cross-over between homesteading and preparedness, due to the self-sufficiency aspects, Wranglerstar brings lots of projects to YouTube, again, like SP1, a hands-on, do-er of "things" so you can trust his information.  Lots of practical knowledge about tools and working with them on different projects; also some very thought-provoking ideas/philosophy to consider from him.