Admit One: Knife Sharpening Workshop

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Class is on Saturday, August 18th at 5pm at the Omega Survival Shop.

You can register/reserve your place for this event here.  Quanity 1 in the basket is 1 paid tuition.

This is a hands-on knife sharpening course.  All students will be required to sign a waiver, as we are working with knives.  Course will be approximately 3 hours long.

Each student will be provided with handouts that correct the errors found in many knife sharpening owner's manuals, as well as in scientific pictures, proving why you should start sharpening correctly. 

We will cover the science of knife sharpening and allow anyone with normal hand strength to put a razor edge on any knife.  Knife sharpening does NOT require keen eyesight or eye/hand coordination.  We will demonstrate freehand knife sharpening and then talk about why you should not sharpen that way unless marooned on an island. 

Two stones are all that are required to razor edge most knives.  Bring your knives to the class.  You will EASILY sharpen 2 or 3 pocket/kitchen knives at the workshop.  Feel free to bring your sharpening system(s) if you already own a portable system -- we will help you evaluate for yourself the pros and cons of what you are currently using.