Admit One: The Auction Connection Training

Here you are purchasing one (1) tuition/registration for The Auction Connection Training & Field Day on March 24th, 2018, starting at 8am at the Omega Store.

Auctions can be intimidating.  Many people have never gone to one because of this, still more people aren't aware of the kinds of hard-to-find tools and items you can find at an auction, nor how much money you can save!

While it's not "rocket science" there are certainly techniques to understand, as well as some in's and out's which warrant having someone to teach you a little before you jump into the auction ring and start bidding.

How would you like 200 drill bits for $1.oo?

How about a power drill for $1.oo?

An American made, 50 year old, SOLID shovel for $3.oo?

Axes, anvils, kettles, scythes, two man saws...??

These are just a few examples of things I've seen happen and purchased at auctions over the years.

In one (1) hour's time, or a little longer if need be, we will go over quick basics about auctions, how they work, what to expect.  I'll pass on a few techniques I've developed over the years and a few things of which to be aware so that you spend the least and get the most.

After the initial meeting/class at 8am, we'll head out to a real auction together, meet up there and get some real-world experience at an auction.  I will hang out there for at least a couple of hours to answer questions and offer any support or information I can -- and I'm sure I'll be bidding on a few items myself.

I'm excited about this workshop.  I've been going to auctions since I was a child and want to share this experience with the Omega Family.  How do auctions relate to preparedness?  It can boost your tool count for pennies on the dollar with high-quality, older, American made tools.  Additionally, you can find things at auctions you would never be able to find under normal circumstances.