CCrane Pocket Short Wave

At about 5" x 3" in size, you've truly got the power of short wave reception in your pocket, plus you also get AM and FM bands, weather, and some air traffic bands for this radio.

The little guy will run up to 90 hours on four AA batteries.

200 channel spots for memory programming, scanning feature, protective carry pouch and lanyard included.  Covers 70.0 to 108.0 MHz FM frequencies for use in many countries.  LED display, clock, alarm, timer, with headphone jack and bass enhancement for music.  You can enter channels directly with the full keypad -- very handy for the short wave option.

Short Wave 1:  2300-7500 kHz
Short Wave 2:  9200-22000 kHz
AM:                   522-1620 kHz
FM:                   70-108 MHz
Weather bands

CCrane is a trusted name in radios.