Silky Saw Pouch Made in the USA by Gerber

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A high-quality, Made in the USA pouch/scabbard by Gerber is the perfect way to pack your hand saw.

Do you own a Silky saw?  They fit perfectly in this rugged pouch.  If you don't own a Silky, you probably have a folding saw of some sort -- if not, you should.  A saw is a necessary tool for anyone who is planning on spending any amount of time in the outdoors.  For shelter-making, for trapping, for general camp tasks.  Nothing will do as properly what a good hand saw can do.  Let your knife be your knife and your saw your saw.

Use the molded MOLLE straps to securely mount your hand saw of choice to the back or side of your pack for positive retention and quick access without having to dig through your bag.

This scabbard is the perfect size for any 8" hand saw (overall size closed).  The Silky saws with 6.7" blades fit great.  Even smaller saws slide down in and close securely, still being easy to retrieve from the pouch.

P.S. -- I'll say it again:  If you're not carrying a folding saw, you need to do so.