Special Forces Shovel

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Designed after the shovel used by Russian Spetznaz (their special forces) units.  Cold Steel continues to impress us with the design, capability, and durability of their products.

You get the shovel AND the MOLLE compatible nylon sheath.

Take a look at the pic of shovels thrown like tomahawks -- I've seen it done.

U.S. special forces are also trained to use their shovels as a weapon.  I've personally seen this shovel cut through thick rope and chop wood like a champ.  The edges come beveled, ready to take a sharpening if you desire.

Hardwood handle is beautifully finished and extremely well-fastened to shovel head.  Very durable.

Overall length is 20" and it weighs about 26 ounces.  Heat treated carbon steel head.