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Video Conferencing Consultation by the Hour

Regular price $ 100.00

YouTube videos and books are great, but there's nothing like speaking face to face with the ability to ask questions and have a conversation.

With a free account at Zoom.us, we will host a meeting with you and/or with your group to go over information for whichever level/area of preparedness you have a need.

The owner of Omega will consult with you by giving a basic preparedness course covering all bases like water filtration, food storage, and security.  You can also focus in on specific areas over which you may have a concern, like water storage basics, etc..

If you want to attempt a video consultation we will contact you directly to iron out the details.  If you have technical difficulties and the meeting doesn't work out you have no obligation to us and will be issued a full refund.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you do not find the meeting to be of value, as with all our products, we stand behind our expertise 100%.

In lieu of purchasing a 1 hour block of time here, you may contact us directly to talk about a possible conference at omegacom@gmx.com or by texting to 937212-five five six one.  Thank you.